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M71FA310A MEC 100 – BASIC – Digital for Marelli Motori Generators Series 160 to 900Marelli

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The MEC-100 Digital Voltage Regulator for Marelli Motori Synchronous Generators is the most versatile and reliable solution. This type of regulator can be installed on any type of synchronous generator from the Marelli company. Provides superior power quality, supports external control.

Be sure to pre-configure using software !!!

The name of the regulator MEC-100 may mean various catalog numbers:

  • M71FA300A
  • M71FA310A
  • M71FA320A

Marelli Digital AVR With Field Current Regulation Model MEC-100Basic.

AVR M71FA310A MEC 100 Digital

Marelli Motori Digital Voltage Regulators provide functional and reliable solutions for controlling the excitation of synchronous generators. These highly integrated controllers are easy to configure and guarantee easy commissioning, monitoring and maintenance using the user-friendly HMI software (human machine) interface. A wide range of built-in control, protection and operating modes make the Marelli Motori Digital AVRs flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications, including marine, hydro and cogeneration applications.

Part number: M71FA310A
Type: MEC 100 Basic , digital
For Marelli Motori series 160 to 900 generators
Voltage monitoring: 1 phase
Radio interference suppressor: device for external filters
Support PMG, auxiliary winding
Functions: computer communication interface, soft start, additional inputs.

Electrical properties

Power supply voltage 170 400 Hz ÷ 50 @ 277 Vac ÷
Power supply source Auxiliary windings, mains, PMG
Voltage build-up 5 Vac
Voltage sensing type 1-do / 3-do
Voltage sensing distance 100 ÷ 500 Vac
Current detection type 1 does
Current sensing distance 1 A – 5 A
Maximum continuative field current 0 ÷ 10 Adc
Maximum forced current 0 ÷ 20 Adc
Maximum field voltage 250 Vdc
Field resistance 3 Ω ÷ 20 Ω
Regulation accuracy from no load to full load 0.25 ±%
Steady state accuracy ±% 0.1
Accuracy with ± 4% engine governing ±% 1
PF / VAR / FCR modes ±% 2
Voltage matching 0.5 ±%
Thermal operation 0.5 ±%
Reaction time 1 cycle
Operating temperature -30 ° C ÷ + 70 ° C
Storage temperature -40 ° C ÷ + 80 ° C

Interface MEC-100 Interface System software

Pendant compensation
Soft start
Voltage matching

Under frequency limiter 
Over excitation limiter 
Under-excitation limiter 
Area overvoltage 
Area overcurrent 
Generator overvoltage 
Generator undervoltage 
Generator overcurrent 
detection loss 
Diode monitoring

2 external DC current inputs (4 / 20mA)
8 digital contact inputs
2 digital outputs
Dimensions and weight

L 353 mm
B 183,5 mm
K 322 mm
J 148,5 mm
H 53 mm
D 4.5mm
Weight 2000g

The Marelli Digital Regulation System included in MEC-100 series are microprocessor-based electronic devices for the set-up and monitoring of the excitation system of Marelli generators with frame size ranging between 400 and 900. The configurability of the system and control parameters makes the MEC-100 series regulators flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications. These regulators are completely resin-bonded and isolated to keep operating reliability even in difficult working conditions (high levels of humidity, dust, salty atmosphere) and in presence of vibrations.

The part number and the name, together with the proper suffix, describe the options included in the specific device.

Here below the selection tables:

Example: to order a MEC-100 with diode monitoring, the following model must be required:
MEC-100DM M71FA320A

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– Product Origin: Italy
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Change of Packing:
The factory had made changes of packing, the part would be wrap with bubble form, which no longer comes with CD. The software apps can be download from internet, if neccessary.


Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) M71FA320A

An automatic voltage regulator, the AVR M71FA310A is designed for MJB series synchronous generators manufactured by Marelli Motori. AVR M71FA310A MEC 100 digital voltage regulator for Marelli Motori generators of series from 160 to 900. New digital voltage regulator (AVR). Thanks to the microprocessor unit has a large set of additional functions.


Technical Parameters of Automatic Voltage Regulator, AVR M71FA320A:

  • the ability to switch frequencies from 50 to 60 Hz; 
  • the possibility of parallel operation; 
  • the ability to work in a wide range of applications.
  • Product Code: M71FA310A




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