M31FA600A ‘MEC-20’- Marelli AVR


M31FA600A MEC 20 Digital for Marelli Generators 315-450 Series.

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The M31FA600A MEC-20 voltage regulator is suitable for synchronous generators constructed by MARELLI MOTORI from series MJB for sizes 315 to 800.

The M31FA600A voltage regulator is a micro-processor device with pulse-width modulation (PWM) output stage, and can be calibrated using potentiometers. The circuit board is resin-bonded in order to maintain a high degree of operational reliability even in difficult environmental conditions (high levels of humidity, dust, a salty atmosphere) and in the presence of vibrations.

Use with Power Factor Regular model M50FA400A. For varicomp model M40FA630A and M40FA632A.

Can be used on Marelli MJB 315 to 800 Generator frames.

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Model MEC-20
Frame size 315 ÷ 450
Technology DIGITAL
Regulator MEC-20
Part number 11000317
Compliance CE
Generator frame size Standard
On request
AVR supply Auxiliary winding*
Voltage sensing Three phase
Voltage remote control Arrangement
Radio interference supressor Internal
MEC 20 11000317
Over-exitation device Arrangement for varicomp
Parallel operation with the mains Arrangement for device
Parallel operation with similar generators Arrangement
Standard protections Over-excitation
Limiters Under-frequency
Function Auxiliary inputs
Power supply voltage 170 ÷ 277 Vac @ 50 ÷ 400 Hz
Power supply source Auxiliary windings, mains, PMG
Voltage build-up 5 Vac
Voltage sensing type 1-phase / 3-phase
Voltage sensing range 220 ÷ 480 Vac
Current sensing type 1-phase
Current sensing range 1:00 AM
Maximum continuous field current 0 ÷ 7 Adc
Maximum forcing field current 0 ÷ 15 Adc
Maximum field voltage 200 Vdc
Field resistance 3 Ω ÷ 20 Ω
Regulation accuracy from no load to full load ±0.5 %
Steady state accuracy ±0.1 %
Accuracy with ±4% engine governing ±1 %
Thermal Drift ±0.5 %
Response time 1 cycle
Operating temperature -30°C ÷ +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C ÷ +80°C
Interface Potentiometers, dip-switches
Function Droop compensation
Soft start
Protection Under-frequency limiter
Over-excitation limiter
Internal fuse, replaceable
Control External potentiometer, 10 kΩ – 1 W
External DC voltage signal (-5/+5 V)
L 180mm
B 170mm
K 160mm
J 150mm
H 41mm
D 6.5mm
Weight 760g



  • Marelli 11000317
  • Marelli MEC-20
  • Marelli M31FA600A
  • Olympian 10000-61883




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